Welcome to our travel website. We are John and Lilly and we get about (JLgetabout) whenever we can. Based in Sydney we are now semi-retired with one semi earmarked for travel.  We have documented our experiences in diary form and added our photos mainly because it is easier for us to review and reminisce.  Hope you too enjoy our adventures.


We have traveled extensively and can recommend the following providers of foreign exchange, accommodation booking and hire car.


(Formerly Ozforex)

You can’t beat the OFX (formerly Ozforex) service in our view. We have been using OFX regularly since 1998 for both personal and business transactions. We are impressed and that is why we endorse and support the service. Lilly is our resident treasurer and expert and she says:

“very competitive rate, low fees and you can get up to the minute quotes online, select the most favourable rate immediately and log it in. Payments can be made to OFX by online transfer or BPay. Remittances are quick and you can view history, deal status, select beneficiaries etc etc all online. They are the best.”

OZFX Transferring Money Internationally to Free


Details to follow

OZFX Transferring Money Internationally to Free